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About Bosa

11.09.2010 11:06
According to the legend, Bosa - in West Sardinia - was founded by Calmedia, daughter of Sardo, eponymous hero of the early inhabitants of the island. Of Phoenician origins, Bosa, whose name is certified by an inscription that dates back to 800b.C., developed during the Punic-Roman age. The area...

Castle and Regnos Altos Church

11.09.2010 12:38
The Castle of Serravalle, situated on the homonymous hill, dominates the citadel and is visible from any point. Built by the Marquesses of Malaspina, a family who originatated in the Lunigiana, was erected in the second half of the 12th century. The original castle, a first fortress, consisted of...

St Peter's Church

11.09.2010 14:12
St Peter’s Church is one of the most important examples of romanic architecture in Sardinia. This church is situated on the site of the former Bosa “Vetus”, the ancient roman settlement, near the left bank of the river Temo. This place was settled in the Phoenician-Punican period and also later in...

Museums in Bosa

11.09.2010 14:21
In Bosa there are three three permanent settings of historical and artistic value: the Casa Deriu, the Museo Melis, and the Museo Atza, joined during the year by many other temporary exhibitions. The Uras-Chelo builinding, erroneously known as Casa Deriu, is a classical example of a XVII century...

The beaches of Bosa

11.09.2010 14:31
Arriving at Bosa along the coast road for Alghero, the first beach is after Capo Marargiu. The beach of Porto Managu, situated in front of the homonymous little island, is the first real beach of Bosa which can be reached by a dirt road, not indicated en route, on the right near a wide open...

Main festivals in Bosa

11.09.2010 14:41
In Bosa there are three main festivals during the year: the Carnival, Santa Maria del Mare and Regnos Altos. The Carnival of Bosa is, with no doubt, the most involving, trasgressive and funny festival throughout the year. The most busy days are the conventional days of the carnival: on the Fat...

Under the sea of Bosa

11.09.2010 14:50
Below the sea surface not far from the coastline of Bosa an explosion of colours can be the dressing for many activities: shoals and walls rich of red coral reefs are infact ideal places for a submarine itinerary at various  depths ranging from 5 to 50 metres. The ancient volcanic origins of...

The Green Train of Bosa

11.09.2010 14:54
A wonderful journey to explore the countryside around Bosa is by the “Green Train”. The sightseeing offers, in fact, a beautiful panorama of natural and historical attractions. The tour, organized by Esedra Escursioni, begins in Bosa Marina station (Viale Colombo) at 09.00 a.m just one day at week,...

Following griffons near Bosa

11.09.2010 14:59
During an enchanting excursion along the Bosa-Alghero coastline you can follow the griffon-vultures, the masters of the sky. The griffon-vulture is an endangered species, particularly protected since 1978. in Sardinia you can see them only in the mountainous area north of Bosa. Experienced guides...

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